Learn Where To Start.  6 Weeks To Learn Penetration Testing Fundamentals That Help You Pass Any IT Security Certification.

I'd like to help you learn where to start, conduct your own penetration tests...get the fundamentals to pass any Certification, such as the CEH.  Find your dream job and increase your salary.

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You don’t have to be perfect to learn how to conduct penetration tests, pass these certifications or land an internship or junior analyst position that will get you enterprise level experience. Or the smartest person in the room. Or a type-A personality.

Six weeks from now, you can know where to start, have the fundamentals to pass any security certification with confidence and gain the skills to get that high paying IT Security job.


Wow you guys are amazing thanks so much, ethical hacking has always been something I was interested in....thank you so very much for the lessons and knowledge to make my dreams possible
Sincerely, Jason

"Thank you for a very good starting point. Tod"

"I've built up my own lab and starting to learn lots already.  Thanks again for this.  Ken"

A Book and Course For Beginners

This book unlike many others is being created for the absolute beginner in mind.  You will learn the basics and learn where to start so that you can build on that going forward.  The biggest issue for me when starting was that there was no great resource for beginners.

A Book and Course Based On Facts

This book is being written based off of how I wish I was taught to. The information in this book is provided by experts who have studied the ins and outs of IT Security in general and hacking/pentesting to be more specific.